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a new era has begun.

refoam the future.

moorefoam enables
your circular production

moorefoam® is the world's first and only

fully circular and sustainable bio-polyester open cell foam. 


Moorefoam has excellent fire retardant properties by nature. No additional chemicals or other substances needed.


Moorefoam is fully circular foam, meaning it can be

re-used over and over again without downcycling the foam.


By re-using Moorefoam over and over again, a CO2 reduction of 90% can be achieved. Enabling industries to achieve their sustainability goals.

Almost 50% of global plastic waste is foam.

Every year, millions of m3 of mattress and seating foam are incinerated or sent to landfill, generating unsustainable levels of pollution and raw material waste. Foamplant is launching the sustainable foam alternative the industry urgently needs: moorefoam®. 


moorefoam® is the world’s first fully circular open cell foam, enabling bedding, furniture, automotive and avionics manufacturers to make their products sustainable. 


Through reusing moorefoam®, manufacturers can achieve 90% CO2 reduction. Vastly reducing their operations’ carbon footprint, and achieving their sustainability goals. 


Made from bio-polyester, moorefoam® is naturally fire retardant (no harmful additives required, key for mattresses and aviation seating).


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